Tips for New Horse Owners

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If you are a new horse owner, here are some tips to get you started. I made this blog to share with you vital information that can help you properly maintain your horse. Horse caring is a difficult task but if you are familiar with the dos and the don’ts, it will be easier for you to tackle all the issues concerning your pet horse. I will concentrate on providing information to individuals who are new to this kind of business. I will be very grateful if you could leave your thoughts about this article on the comment box provided at the end of each posts.

Water is Important

Plenty of water is essential in pet horse caring. It is vital to provide your horse sufficient supply of water or any other liquid to prevent dehydration. This is important especially on summer season where all living things, including humans, need constant supply of fluids to hydrate. Heat stroke is common in summer season so it is important to give your horse plenty of water. It is also a good idea to spray your horse with water during this time. This will allow him to refresh and cool down a bit.

Lack of water can rapidly lead not only to internal organ damages but can also become a common denominator in regards to overall health of your lovable horse. Hot weather can also cause many kinds of illnesses. These diseases can lead to complications if not properly treated. I will give you a good piece of advice: “prevention is better than cure”.

Horse Calmer - Must Have
Use high quality joint supplements.

If you really want to ensure that you are providing your horse the right kind of food and nutrition it needs to become healthy, give him high quality joint supplements specifically made for horses. Their legs are strong but we need to protect them from time to time.

The regular activities of horses can stress their joints especially the legs and puts them under a lot of stress. This can lead to very serious injuries in the future. Make sure to seek advice from expert animal doctors to ensure that your pet horse is in good shape.

You can find a lot of joint supplements in your local horse supply store. Ask your veterinarian for an excellent brand and ask the expert advice so that you can be sure that you are giving the horse the correct pill and dosage.

Use horse calmers when travelling.

We want our horse to experience good life and we want them not to experience stress.

Horse calmers (just like in the picture) contain magnesium that helps to maintain the overall “feelings” of horses. Its main goal is to calm their cardio-vascular system and calm excitation to ensure that they are not feeling nervous or excited. Most likely, this does not concern individuals who ride mainly for entertainment purposes. Horse that engaged in sports activities should be provided horse calmers.

Horse calmers are excellent, for the reason that they let you to swiftly calm down your horse. This is extremely practical, because once you get your horse to new environments and once each move your horse makes is vigilantly inspected by hundreds of eyeballs, your horse can become pretty tensed and this nervous tension can harmfully influence your horse's routine during events.

Save your horse from harm by removing him from exposure to sunlight.

During summer season, temperature can escalate rapidly, causing the overall temperature of the horse to also increase. Horse owners should put their pet horse in areas or locations that are not hit by direct sunlight. When summer strikes, heat strokes among horses are common and this is obviously hazardous to health. Avoid this by making sure your horse is in a shaded place and has constant supply of water. While your horse needs vitamins from the sun’s rays, it is not a good idea to put them under the sun in excess of two hours.

If you are planning to buy a horse, keep it and take care of it, you would want to be familiarized with the common problems that it can encounter. Learning the basic information about horse caring is a must and should not be ignored if you want your horse to become healthy. I hope these tips for new horse owner help you to know some information regarding horse caring.

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